Friday, May 06, 2005

Lesson 9 Study Journal

Every system involves people. The way of communication between human and machine is complex and different from communication between machines. So we focus on interaction design, which is about the subject called human-computer interaction.

Also, as a business designer, expression skill of the business idea to the participant of the system is important. The tool we can use to communicate is universal business model and rich picture until now. Universal business model includes EDCF, UBM and Porter’s model.
This model is in print format and the rich picture is visual, which is easier to understand the related components and relationship. But the disadvantage of rich picture is that it can not detail the operation in the model. In most of the time, rich picture has to be support by document or someone’s explanation.

Another thing to me is the language skill, which is a limitation to transfer an idea. This is a barrier to conquer and a room to improve.
Lack of area knowledge becomes another difficulty for communication. We can not pretend to be an expert.
The reality is the necessary to improve language skill and learn more area basic knowledge.

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