Thursday, August 04, 2005

LEB 312 - Week 1

• What is the nature and purpose of strategic transformation?

• Using an example:
• Explain the Impact of transformation change on a business’ architecture and infrastructure

• Give other examples of ‘transforming’ industries.

“Fit for purpose”
As technology is continuously improving and customer desires for more, company is involved into a non-stop innovation process, so that to sustain the market share, make profit in the long run.

Game Industry
Online game is the trend of game industry. Customer’s favour is playing with real people instead of machine now. Many popular games are redesigned into online version.
Web server is employed into the game industry as a component. Online payment, security, and online marketing are highly focused by game producer. Staff with special skill in network game design is needed. Latest console is designed to support wireless high speed connection.

Online Education
Network access is available at home. Students want to save time in commuting, and start to study in their free time. So we can see the possible and necessary of online education.
School starts to provide digital material. An enrolment system should be built up, which hardware, software, network & communication devices, information management personnel and database. IT staff is required. Tutor is trained to master basic computer skill, for communication and produce the learning material.

This course focuses much on change in a business environment, especially in network economy. And see how a company reacts to this change. Doing transformation to maintain competitive, getting more profit eventually. The whole structure builds up on EDCF.

Turban Chapter1 and MaKay P.127,128.

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