Monday, October 08, 2007

My Project into Sakai

I am using Sakai Demo, change sakai-demo to tomcat directly. In deploy, just as before, put the .war file in to webapps under tomcat.
Follow the instruction in the doc, download sakai.bibliography example, put the weg/ file to maven/repository/, be sure to add a dependency in project.xml of the sakai-tool-filter-1.0.jar

My problem is:
My welcome page is a static page, rather than a redirect page. When it first shows the welcome page, it can't link to those jsp page under jsp/. Then after an hour test, I start to redirect this page to a page under jsp/. Now it is working well. After redirect to a jsp page, you still can link back to that static page, the interesting thing is, now this static page starts to work.

Refer to the sakai.bibliography example, I add a header to my page, and some format, which makes my pages looked very nice. You can have the whole page in the screen, instead scrolling the bar. The thing to control these format is under include.jsp file and a sakai.jsp related.

I should say Sakai is lack of documentation as what we usually do in our program development.

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