Thursday, November 29, 2007

Benchmark Protocol

The benchmark algorithm: EPC Class1 protocol, which is developed upon binary tree algorithm

To my knowledge, two stream algorithms both have its own pros and cons, which mostly depends on the environment they are working in, or tasks they are dealing with. Environment like number of tags can exist is a typical consideration in choosing which algorithm to use. Different tasks like detect the existing of tags or monitor tags existing constantly are to be concerned. So it is hard to say one kind of or specific one algorithm is much better others. My point is it depends on the practical situation in our application.
Example, a system to check out in a supermarket may only detect the existing of an item once, whereas, a system to monitor goods in a fridge may sense the same item many time. First scenario mostly has different items in every sensing, but the later one may sensing mostly the same item constantly. Unfortunately, current algorithms only deal one scenario well, or good at one scenario comparing to the other algorithms.

The trend is class 1 Gen2 those days. I will implement Class 1 first, and then extend to Gen2. These two algorithms have been already standarized, and implemented in industry.

An explanation of EPCGlobal class 0, class 1, class 1 Gen2

Official website for documentation of these protocols:

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