Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Lesson 3 Study Journal

Four I’s concept

  • Intuitive: business should be perspective, having the knowledge of what the customer need, foreseeing how the market will change.

  • Informative: a design should include an instruction. Keep the instruction easy and simple for user to apply. Tell user what should be caution in using the product.

  • Inclusive: a design should clarify its target consumer by its physical property, common sense symbol etc.

  • Innovative: design a new way to solve problem based on technology, new process and system.

Value Proposition:
One product has different value in customer’s view of point, because needs from customer is different. The price represents value in the form of money
Notes: Price = Value = Need

Mental Model
Every people has his/her own knowledge. When people come across new product or design, he/she learns how to use this product or understand a concept based on former knowledge. This knowledge is called metal model.

It includes input, process and output. In system, we value system thinking and concentrate on system design. Every business is a system, EDCF is the blueprint to construct a business system.

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