Friday, March 18, 2005

Lesson 4 Study Journal

Many systems have already existed in a business. When we begin to apply an idea in a business, we should consider these existed systems. What we do in system design is modifying some of the systems, or creating a new system. The whole system has been adjusted to contain a new function, and insure this function work properly.

A process to system design

  • Define a problem

  • Collect data and evidence

  • Redefine purpose

  • Design system

  • This is a remodel process in system develop life cycle.

    Create a BLOG is easy, and BLOG is very useful. I have applied for two BLOG, one is in Chinese and the other is in English.
    I choose the English BLOG eventually, because it is hard to connect my Chinese BLOG, and the view of my English BLOG is better and it is full of functions, such as changing the template by writing code.
    I can look at other people’s BLOG one after one by a click. It just like change the channel on TV, you will not know what subject comes out in the next channel. This is a free experience, like shopping, you can come across so many new items.

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