Friday, April 01, 2005

Lesson 6 Study Journal

This lesson is about designing interface between different parts of the business system. Again, we should consider the existing interface first, what we do is modifying or creating a small part of the interrelation. After that we should be able to evaluate the whole EDCF system.

Opera Analysis
Performance of Opera is providing a platform for act. The light, sound effect decorate is the internal infrastructure, and the traffic system, ticket selling network and human management could be external infrastructure. How to manage of renting of Opera, deal with proposal and get benefit is the business model. There are lots of famous stages in China, how to attract actor and audience is the main issue of agencies.

There should be several systems in Opera, such as proposal evaluation system, infrastructure management system, advertising system and market research system etc.
In order to evaluate a project, data should be collected in different system, to decide whether invent on a proposal. When the ticket starts to sell, infrastructure system calls for advertising system to do promotion. Advertising system replies on market research system data, niche market and target the audience. The market research system should acquire the data from infrastructure system to reevaluate and rearrange the performance process.

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