Monday, September 17, 2007

Maven and Tomcat

Deploy to Tomcat using maven.xml file:

Two sources about deploy to Tomcat using Maven 1.0.2, basically, it follows the Ant structure: add these code to maven.xml

To deploy a web application to Tomcat, just copy the war file to /tomcat/webapps/
Once Tomcat starts up, it will automatically scan this folder, and generates a sub directory under this folder according to the .war file. You can use
tail -f /tomcat/logs/catalina.out
to check Tomcat's reaction to your deploy.
One thing is you don't have to keep on shutdown and start tomcat after your deploy. Tomcat keeps on scan webapps folder after it starts.

The other way is using Maven-Tomcat plugin, which is provided by 3rd party--codeczar.

About Java Bean:
property(in XML file) -------- setProperty(), getProperty() (Methods in Java Bean)
attributes name seems unrelated to property.

To install SVN in Eclipse:

Name: Subclipse 1.2.x (Eclipse 3.2+)

Name: Subclipse 1.0.x (Eclipse 3.0/3.1)

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