Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mevenide working fina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!y in Eclipse

1. Set my Mevenide in Preference:
Java Home point to /jre:

2. In Eclipse: Add one line below: based on your JDK version
(Window | Preferences | Java | Installed JREs | | Edit):

Default VM Arguments:

JDK 1.5 or 1.6

JDK 1.4 -


Refer to:

3. Copy /MAVEN_HOME/bin to /home/ji (my home address)

in order to let Mevenide find forehead.conf

A discussion here:

After several days research, finally I got Mevenide run in my Eclipse, and understand that Mevenide 0.4.0 is a bugful plugin. Although I can run Maven in Eclipse, I wouldn't do this now. Also Mevenide 0.4.0 seems the lastest version of Mevenide supported Eclipse. It shifts to other IDEs. PS. this bug seem commonly exists under Linux platform, Maven 1.0.2 and Eclipse 3.1+

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