Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ubuntu with BEA Workshop Studio 10.1

An introduction how to install BEA Workshop 10.1 (Unnecessary to follow it under Ubuntu 7)

Address to download BEA Workshop Studio 10.1

The free license BEA Workshop™ for WebLogic 10.1 only supports BEA WebLogic Server, which is the main different from Workshop Studio ()

"BEA Workshop Studio has all the same
features as BEA Workshop for WebLogic, but adds
the capability to develop, debug, deploy to BEA and
non-BEA server targets like Apache Tomcat, IBM
Websphere, Caucho Resin, Mortbay Jetty and
Redhat JBoss (in addition to BEA WebLogic Server)."

After you download the Workshop.bin, just double click the icon. It just works without any configuration.
Register with email, and wait 5 minutes to get the reply, then try the trial version for 30 days

Simply speaking, BEA Workshop is Eclipse with many plugins, but I still have to install SVN and Mevenide, again, Mevenide doesn't work, but with another error this time

I download my project uploaded by Eclipse 3.3, and it works well in Eclipse 3.2 which supplied by Workshop.

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